Cross-cultural and cross-generational expressions within established ministries

‹ We have assisted churches, denominations, and a network of churches in developing cross-cultural and cross-generational strategies to help them effectively reach and disciple a diverse demography of people culturally or generationally different from

‹ This is particularly important to ethnic churches or missions amongst different cultures and those who have a predominantly age bracket and want to reach out to other age or status groups.

Church Planting, new initiative development, and capacity building

‹ We have been successful at assisting local, denominational and regional churches in church planting and building their ministry to youth and young adults by setting up the following;

‹ University engagement programmes to designed to reach and disciple 16 – 35-year-olds across universities and colleges.

‹ Marketplace engagement strategies designed to reach, disciple and culture young adults across the marketplace (20 – 45year Olds)

‹ Support networks for newly wedded and intending couples to help them navigate the seasons of marriage within a healthy community of peers and more experienced couples.

‹ House of Lights missions has had repeated success raising leaders and training ministers between 16- 40 years of age within churches, universities, marketplaces. Many of who lead churches, missions and are actively discipline others.